Integration of Mind Science, Leadership, Innovation & Digital Technology

We’re a pioneering consultancy that seamlessly merges mind, leadership and digital technology that redefine perform excellence.

A passion for performance excellence

Our comprehensive suite of professional training & consulting services caters to combining Mind, Leadership and Digital Technology strategies.

The key is not to limit the use of today’s plethora of tech tools and techniques, but to restore traditional thinking to the place it rightfully deserves for the progress of humanity.

Shameer.S – Founder, Lead Digital Network

Mind Training & Mental Health Development

Harness the experiential power of mind through Transaction Analysis (TA), Neuroscience, Behavioural science & more.

Leadership & Management

Cutting-edge leadership is why few individuals stand out. We help advance management & leadership styles & research for today’s demanding world.

Innovation & Digital Technologies

Experience the fusion of transformative & emerging digital technologies such as AI/ML,etc and Innovation with Leadership & Mind Science. More

Training & Consulting

We beleive in outcome-based training, consulting & counselling, as we follow an inside-out approach with immersive experience and personalized attention.

Community Development

We actively engage in building communities, be it social, leadership, organizational, business, and all that is required for collaboration in today’s dynamic environment.

Storytelling & Communication

Storytelling can be a powerful experience, both entertaining and moving. We can churn out stories after stories for both organizational & personal transformation.

Who do we help?

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from enterprises,startups, organizations, institutions, students and families.

Why Us?

  • Colloborative nature for mutual success.
  • Combined experience of 80+ years in training, mentoring, consulting & counselling.
  • High level of ethics commitment and ownership to every project in hand.


  • A world of thought-provoking resources.
  • Case studies that celebrate both successes & failures.
  • Exclusive access to actionable insights.

“Thanks for saving us thousands of hours of work and unlocking insights we never thought possible.”

Mrs.Gayathri Rajesh

MD, SearchnScore Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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