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Why are IIT-JEE & NEET the most feared exams in India?

Are IIT-JEE & NEET the most feared exams in India? “Unnecessary fear about NEET or IIT-JEE can cloud your mind, hindering you from reaching your cherished goals,” advises CA. Karthikeyan and CA. Santhoshni, founders of Santhoshni Academy,  a leading coaching centre for NEET (UG) and IIT-JEE entrance exams, based out of Chennai.

Even after completing their college education, the mere mention of the word “exam” can still evoke fear in many students. The Class 12th Board and competitive exams such as NEET, JEE Mains, and JEE Advanced exert additional pressure on students. Consequently, students become apprehensive as they are constantly reminded that their future heavily hinges on the outcome of these exams. This often leads to poor performance, sleep deprivation, feelings of depression, and heightened anxiety among students.

Santhoshni Academy’s Karthikeyan and Santhoshni present several recommendations that students can follow to conquer their fears towards examinations such as Board, IIT JEE, and NEET (UG). Here are the excerpts of the interview:

Karthikeyan says, “It is more beneficial to inquire whether one has grasped the topic adequately for the exam rather than constantly pondering on what will be included in the exam. By adopting a positive outlook, you can maintain a more focused mindset compared to others, ultimately aiding in your exam preparation and reducing unnecessary stress as the exam date approaches.”

Karthikeyan founder Santhoshni Academy  IIT-JEE & NEET UG coaching centre Chennai

Commit to a schedule

“We generally advise students in our coaching academy to create a timetable, especially during the initial attempt. It is crucial to adhere to these schedules religiously as they are practical and direct and do not involve any shortcuts. By strictly following them, you will defintely enhance your understanding of each subject gradually. Avoid cramming everything at the eleventh hour and rush through things. Furthermore, this approach helps prevent unnecessary anxiety about incomplete syllabus coverage during exams with extensive syllabi such as JEE and Boards,” says Santhoshni.

Don’t give up in the middle         

Not all students can begin preparing right from the start; many of them join later, resulting in a backlog of preparation. This backlog often serves as an excuse for many when faced with results or when considering abandoning their preparation midway. It is common to feel overwhelmed during an exam when you realize you have made a mistake, leading to thoughts of giving up. This only adds to the pressure and fear you are experiencing.

Santhoshni founder Santhoshni Academy  IIT-JEE & NEET UG coaching centre Chennai

Santhoshni adds, “If you find yourself struggling during an exam or feeling nervous, take a moment to reflect on your hard work and performance up to that point. Ask yourself if you would rather let it all go to waste or if you are willing to give it another shot. The outcome may not be as expected, but it is better than giving up midway, showing your resilience and determination.”

Focus on the present only

She observes, “It is important to stay in the present and future, though, frequently, we find ourselves preoccupied with our past actions, fearing that nothing will improve and that we will face inevitable failure. Subsequently, we begin to contemplate the potential negative outcomes of failure. These thoughts only intensify our anxiety and render students more susceptible to failure.” So, what is the solution? She continues, “You must concentrate on the present moment, exerting effort in the present to prevent the repetition of past mistakes in the future. By doing so, we can alleviate our fears and have confidence in achieving appreciable success in our examinations.”

Break the Myth

Our parents, teachers, and everyone else often emphasize that our future hinges on the outcome of exams. While this perspective can be a powerful motivator for students, it also carries risks. If a student is struggling, they may feel overwhelmed by the fear of failure and fall into a cycle of despair. It is important to dispel this notion, as many individuals who have not excelled in standardized exams like Boards, IIT JEE, and NEET were able to achieve success in various other fields by clearing various competitive exams.

Karthikeyan’s words are assuring, “Instead of focusing solely on exam scores, we should encourage students to prioritize learning and hard work, as these qualities will always prove valuable in the long run. Success may not come in the form of high scores, but those who are dedicated and knowledgeable will undoubtedly find their place in the world.”

Key Takeways

Commit to a schedule
Perseverance – Don’t give up in the middle 
Focus on the present
Break common myths about NEET & IIT-JEE